Colette Kinsella Red Hare Media Independent Radio and Audio Producer

Colette Kinsella


Dublin, Ireland


Zoo Diaries
Stories about life, death, and dishwashers at Dublin Zoo.
Life Matters
Exploring the ethics and morals of the ways we run our world.
What's It All About
Using science to explore some of life's big questions.
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Language Bites!
Sixty-second adventures in language.
Science Bites!
Big questions answered in just three minutes!
Down the Rabbit Hole
Join us on a mystery tour of some of Red Hare's favourites, if you dare...
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Revolution Radio 2fm
Red Hare Media helped craft an exciting 2FM series that takes you inside the minds of rebels, warriors, looters, objectors and witnesses for a very different kind of 1916 experience.
History Bites!
Ireland's hidden history as found in things we overlook every day.
Long-form stories from home and abroad.
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Manchán's A-Z of Ireland
An alphabetical journey through some of Ireland's offbeat natural wonders.
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