What's It All About

The Brain
We take a journey deep inside the brain to find out how it works, and what happens when it doesn't. With stories of psychopaths, mindfulness, and mind-controlling parasites.
ET Calling
Scientists predict they will find alien life by 2025. If they do, what impact will this have on us humans, and our religions and cultures? And would alien contact really be a good thing?
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Life, Death & Beyond
Some scientists are trying to extend human life to 150 or 250 years, or even indefinitely. Is this a good thing, or does death make life worth living? And can science find evidence of an afterlife?
Of Maths and Mars
This episode is an homage to the beauty, poetry, and majesty of mathematics, without which there would be no symmetry or symphonies. We also meet a Victorian scientist who discovered an equation that made it possible for humans to land on the Moon and explore Mars.
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What's It All About
RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland

What's It All About is a four-part series where we ask big questions and use science to find some answers.


We ask: what goes on inside our brains and why are some people empathetic while others care only for themselves; has ET already called, and if he calls again, should we answer; who was the Victorian scientist who helped put men on the Moon in the 1960s? And we ask one of the biggest questions of all: what, if anything, awaits us after death?


Produced by Colette Kinsella, who co-pesented with Seán Duke.

Research by Seán Duke.

Production assistance by Regan Hutchins, Liam Geraghty, Lorcan Clancy.

Sound mastering: Tinpot Productions.


First broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland.

Colette Kinsella Red Hare Media Independent Radio and Audio Producer

Colette Kinsella


Dublin, Ireland



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