Life Matters

In this episode we look to evolution to explain grief. We find out why and how humans grieve and ask, are we the only animals that do?
Standing Room Only
How many people can the Earth really support? And if the world is already over-populated, are we morally obliged to not have children?
Animal Rights
We explore the rights and wrongs of our relationship with animals. Do we have ethical obligations towards non-human animals, or can we do anything we want with them?
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Imagine There's No Countries
Where did countries and national identities come from? Are countries the best way to organize people, and could we imagine a world without countries?
Designing Happiness
More than half the world's population now lives in cities. We find out how urban life changes our brain structure, and we wonder if it's possible to build cities that make us happy.
On Being Alone
Many of us need to be alone at some point in our lives. We explore when life-affirming 'alone-ness' becomes 'loneliness', and what it does to our minds and bodies.
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Life Matters
RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland

Life Matters is a 13-part series that asks some really big questions about how we run our world, and how we treat each other and the other species who share the planet with us. We explore the ethics of having children in an overpopulated world; we ask if we have moral obligations towards animals or if we can treat them any way we choose; we wonder if it's possible to really forgive; we blast off into space to find out if religion is an Earth-bound construct, or if we need it in space too.


You can listen to the entire Life Matters series here:


Broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1.

Produced by Colette Kinsella, who co-presented with Seán Duke.

Research by Maria Delaney and Seán Duke.

Production assistance by producers Julien Clancy and Ronan Kelly, and philosopher Gary Leahy.

Colette Kinsella Red Hare Media Independent Radio and Audio Producer

Colette Kinsella


Dublin, Ireland


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