Zoo Diaries

Running with Wolves
What is it like to live inside a zoo, with soaring animal choruses, lions and elephants as neighbours, and thousands of visitors every day? Join producer Colette Kinsella and her partner, zoo director Leo, inside their unusual home.
Something big is waiting to happen in Colette's neighbours’ house. They've been expecting it for some time, and they've been keeping an eye on the family that lives there.
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Death, among humans, is complicated. But what happens when a zoo animal dies? How do the keepers, who might have cared for this animal for a decade or more, cope with death? What happens to that strong bond when an animal dies?
You can tell a lot about a human or animal from their poop, and if you’re a zoo keeper, you can tell a lot about the health of an animal by examining its droppings. Animals also use dung in many ways to make powerful statements about themselves and their territory. Pungent stories from within Dublin Zoo.
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Zoo Diaries

ABC Australia

Colette lives in Dublin Zoo with her partner, Leo, who is the zoo director. In this series we hear what it's like to live in the middle of one of the most stunning soundscapes in Ireland, with howling wolves, roaring lions and trumpeting elephants. We also witness a joyful birth, find out about bonding and death in humans and non-humans, and ponder the mysteries and wonders of one of our most precious bi-products: poop.


First broadcast on ABC RN, Australia

Colette Kinsella Red Hare Media Independent Radio and Audio Producer

Colette Kinsella


Dublin, Ireland



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Red Hare Media Independent Radio Producer
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